I have long regarded writing as my best held secret.

Life events led me to make the common mistake of imprisoning myself in a cubicle for 40 hours a week. During those dark days, after 5 pm, I spent all of my “overtime” hiding in a windowless municipal library playing with words.

Years passed. Little by little, family, strangers and at last friends, learned that I wanted to write. Their lack of surprise contrasted with my own amazement at their mellow reaction. As it turned out, sharing my passion for writing fiction didn’t trigger the Apocalypse.

I built my confidence by practicing again and again. I designed countless story worlds where I brought characters to life. Digging for the best craft book helped where practice was too slow or when I felt at a loss.

Full disclosure: I am one of the believers that writing stories can be learned and taught, just like any other craft.

And like any other craft, tapping into our creative juices exposes our vulnerability. The consequence is often fear and resistance.

Although my battles are far from all being won, this blog aims at sharing experiences, tips and resources to overcome what hinders us to do what we most desire: to write stories.


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